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but to say adamek won the fight, i disagree. >> all right, so the second time by split decision victory, tomasz adamek wins it. he's the ibf north american heavyweight champ in a great fight over cunningham. thank you for being with us on this special edition of "fight night." >> what an outstanding evening of boxing action. and it closed out with the much anticipated rematch between adamek and cunningham. for chris mannix, freddie roach, b.j. flores, our entire staff, i'm kenny rice. thanks for watching. so long and happy holidays from bethlehem, pennsylvania.
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thieves rough up a fedex driver and steal packages from his truck just days before christmas. plus, it's getaway day f that involved traveling by plane, the wind made it slow going for some. good evening, everyone. have you been outside? it's blustery out there.
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been that way all day. so let's get right to storm team 4 meteorologist. that wind makes it feel colder out there tonight. >> absolutely right. it sure does. the wind, even though it's fading down now that the sunset, it's still just enough of a breeze to keep wind chills in the 20s for your saturday evening plans. how high did the winds gust this afternoon? how about 51 miles an hour at mart inzburg airport. also 51 mile per hour gusts at dulles international. 49 mile per hour in hagerstown. even in town, reagan national, a 43 per hour gust. we're down to that 15 to 30 mile per hour range. that is helping a bit. wind chills are in the 20s and low 30s. prepare for a cold saturday evening. what about tomorrow and christmas week? that's coming up. jim? >> all right. chuck. the holiday travel rush well under way tonight. the wind made it challenging for planes heading in and out of the
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area airports. there were some sporadic delays at dulles and reagan earlier today. dull et cete dulles had delays of an hour. both airports say everything is moving tonight. it's always a good idea to check with your carrier before you head to the airport. and the roads, well, let's talk about amtrak first. trains are crowded but there are no significant delays going in and out of union station. the rail service is adding cars to many of their trains but they don't plan to add any additional service in and out of washington for the christmas holiday. now to the roads. packed with holiday travelers. look at. this a live look at i-95 at dumfries road. just a sea of cars heading away from washington tonight. 93 million americans are expected to hit the road for the holidays. so you might want to pack your patience if you're one of them. if you spent the day doing last-minute shopping, chances are you had a lot of company. going to show you the scene near westfield montgomery mall where
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there was lots of traffic, some long lines and also very few parking spaces. in fact, most malls are open extra late tonight and tomorrow night for all you procrastinateors out there. some major stores like macy's are also staying open 24 hours a day right through christmas eve. >> now a news 4 exclusive, a fedex driver shaken up but not seriously hurt after being held up right in the middle of making deliveries. news 4's derrick ward tells us what happened this morning in southeast washington. >> reporter: it was just after 11:00 a.m. a fedex driver made a delivery here on howard drive in southeast when police say he was robbed at gun point. these people just had their packages dropped off. ? my doorbell rang. i answered it. i realized the fedex man had been here. >> reporter: she didn't see him, only his truck. later, the husband found the driver lying on his front steps. >> i thought maybe he had been shot or knocked out or
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something. >> reporter: he called out to the driver who didn't move and didn't answer. >> i said are you all right? he raised up. he said i thought i was still being robbed. >> reporter: the driver was forced to the ground at gun point while the people loaded packages into their car. for a good part of the afternoon, police searched the wooded area of fort davis park. it's unclear if it was related to the robbery a short distance away. services at a nearby chush went on as usual though for a while members were escorted to the church through the police line. back on highwood, police went through the truck for evidence. unfortunately, this can be a dangerous time of year for fedex drivers or any delivery drivers for that matter. they're instructed to watch behind them when they leave packages off and make sure no one is following them to take those packages away. just two weeks ago someone carjacked a fedex truck from southern avenue in prince george's county. it was recovered a short time
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later. in that incident, like the one on highwood, a frightening experience for the driver. >> but he was okay, thank god. >> reporter: derrick ward, news 4. >> in the district, a rally to end gun violence. going on in columbia heights. it's in response to the deadly shootings in newtown, connecticut and the nra's proposal to put armed police officers in every school in america. darcy spencer is joining us live near 14th street where a march is getting under way tonight. darcy? >> jim, i was able to speak to one of the organizers of this event this afternoon. he tells me when he was just two years old he witnessed his own mother being shot and killed. he says, in fact, the gunman turned the gun on him but fortunately it locked up and his life was spared. ever since then, he is an advocate for gun control. that's what this rally is about here this afternoon. the video we're going to show you was taken a few minutes ago as they were getting ready for this rally here in columbia heights. this is all about gun control.
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they're calling on congress, calling on the president to enact an assault weapons ban. they're calling for them again to take immediate action on this issue in light of the shootings in newtown, connecticut. we're going to hear from the gentleman i spoke about who lost his mother to gun violence and also we're going to hear from a little bit of the press conference yesterday from the nra national rifle association, their ceo. >> when it's come down to 20 first graders, i think it hit the american people directly in the heart in a way that it never has before in the mass shootings. unfortunate circumstance when it has to take such a traumatic issue to grasp the american people. but raily do believe that people are not going to let this go, even after the last victim is buried. >> what if when adam lanza started shooting his way into sandy hook elementary school, he'd been confronted by qualified armed security?
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will you at least admit it's possible? >> so again that rally taking place. they're going to march to a nearby church where they're going to have this call for action again for stricter gun control measures involving organizations as well as the clergy. reporting live from northwest washington, darcy spencer. >> we'll have the nra respond to protests like this? find out tomorrow morning on "meet the press." david gregory will have an interview with the ceo of nra. the last of the victims from the mass keer in sandy hook elementary school were laid to rest today. hundreds attended funerals for josephine guy and 6-year-old anna marques green in newtown, connecticut. services for 6-year-old emily parker were held in utah. connecticut's governor ordered flags in the state to full staff beginning at sundown tonight for the first time since the shootings that killed 28 people eight days ago. the local united way in
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connecticut is asking people to actually stop sending toys to newtown. today children in the community got to choose from hundreds of toys that have come pouring in since the tragedy. donors from around the country have given $2.6 million to a memorial fund. the united way says the best way to help the community now is to do charitable work or make a donation in the victims' names. still ahead tonight, just days before christmas, the pope pardons someone who betrayed him. plus, some kids in montgomery county getting to
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two resignations today in egypt as millions vote in the final round of the country's constitutional referendum. egypt's vice president and the central bank governor both resigned today. some say it's proof that leadership is divided over the country's future. today was the final vote on president obama morsi's draft constitution. it expected to pass. he was convicted one of the largest vatican security breaches. today he pardoned the former butler. he vilted him in prison today and after the meeting, he was freed to return to his vatican city apartment. he was convicted of stealing and leaking private papal documents. he told investigators he wanted to expose evil and corruption in
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the church. lots of people doing their last-minute shopping to day. some children in montgomery county were shopping with police officers. we're going to tell you why. plus, we'll have the very chilly christmas forecast.
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kids in maryland got help with their holiday shopping from some local law enforcement. montgomery county police officers paired up with the kids to do last minute shopping. the officers helped kids pick out holiday gifts for their families. this is all part of the heroes and helpers program that strives to foster good relationships between law enforcement and the community. >> reaching out to the children at such an early age. hopefully we can bridge the gap to where there isn't any type of distention between law enforcement and the community. >> the purchases were made, thanks to gift cards from target. and you don't see an officer wearing a hat like that every day. >> not terribly often. looks warmer than the regular standard issued cap. >> you need one. >> yeah. you need it. if you're outside today, no doubt. you need a wind breaker or something to keep the chill away from you. it was ferociously windy for much of the day. wind chills stayed well down into the upper 20s and low 30s for much of the day. you needed to bundle up or stay
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active. or do both like this guy right here. he's out directing traffic. he got a little dance on. you know, got his heavyweight jacket. he's a smart guy, that's for sure. >> he is hearing music in his head. >> he's definitely feeling the christmas spirit. >> he has earphones. yeah, he has earphones. >> there he goes. sometimes just keeping moving. keep the blood flowing out there. gives you a couple extra zree degrees. he's in the spirit there. hopefully everyone at home is in the spirit, ready for the holiday week to begin. for now, windy and chilly outside. 40 degrees at national airport. winds out of the northwest. still gusting to 32 miles per hour. and current temperatures are back down to the freezing mark now in winchester. still low 40s down towards fredericksburg, upper 30s for much of charles county, maryland. but the wind chills remain very low. mid to upper 20s for most. wind chills below freezing here in town and near the freeze being mark alongside the of
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chesapeake bay. it's a coal saturday evening to go outside. breezy and cold. wind chills stay in the 20s for your saturday evening. actual air temperatures back down to around the freezing mark in town out to the west, shenandoah valley, upper 20s by 11:00. nothing going on in the southern area. clear skies and a fading breeze will allow temperatures to be below freezing in most locations. first thing tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon, a great day coming up. plenty of sunday sunshine. high pressure inching its way off the eastern seaboard. eventually another area of low pressure headed up through the ohio valley well to our north and west. cold air will be in place. here we are at sunrise on monday. not much going on around town. the clouds come right back in. and there may be an opportunity for a little rain-snow mix along i-81 and northern maryland and
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southern pennsylvania. here we are stopped at 6:00 sunday or monday evening. that is christmas eve night. it's a fast mover. it should be most if not all rain in and around town. but we might be able to end with a passing snowflake across northern maryland. nice thing is it's on a fast moving pace. we'll be dry on christmas day. so for this evening, evening breezes. clearing skies. cold. lows into the 20s. tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. on the whole, a very december like day. temperatures into the mid and upper 40s tomorrow. here's your all important seven-day forecast. enjoy the sunshine while it's here tomorrow. clouds come back in on monday. chance for mostly rain in and around town. i can't reel out a few possibilities forever some frozen stuff in the shenandoah valley late monday evening. then we're dry christmas day. wednesday, wednesday night, thursday this is a storm that needs to be watched carefully. the track on this one has a little better chance of bringing rain mixing with snow even along i-95. so we'll be watching that wednesday night, thursday very carefully. >> that's all we need on i-95.
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>> yeah. anything on i-95. >> and santa needs rain gear maybe sfwlch maybe. >> thanks, jeff. coming up in sports, a wild finish down
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here's carol with a lot of action. >> it is beautiful. >> do some christmas carolling.
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all right, there is a day and night double feature in georgetown. one week since hearing the news of breaking away from the big east, the spotlight is back on the hard wood for georgetown. they were camera ready. hoyas facing american in a neighborhood showdown. this hasn't been much of a rivalry. g-town came in riding an eight-game winning streak over the eagles. pick it up first half. american trails by eight. dribbles around the pick. he will drain that jumper. munoz led the eagles with 15. american cuts the lead to six. second half now, hoyas up big. 18 points. auto porter adding to that. 16 points, 13 boards for porter. later in the half, au on the break. hoyas off and running.
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quarter. the alley-oop. georgetown wraps up the none conference schedule with a win. >> i'm happy with why we are. you say okay after 11 games you're going to be 10-1. will you take that? i'll take that. none of us in that locker room are sitting with our heads in the sand saying we're playing perfect basketball. none of us -- we all realize that will tl are so many areas of the game, every aspect of the game that we can get better at. i don't think -- i don't think the start of conference play is going to be any issue with these guys being ready to play at all. >> the hoyas are off for two weeks. george mason travels to richmond to take on the spiders in the governor's holiday hoops classic. the patriots didn't go down there today to suffer another loss:check it out. paul hewitt and patriots at the richmond coliseum hoping to snap
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the spider's five-game win streak. richmond led most of the way. only up one. corey edwards misses a floater. under 30 seconds left, can't make that left. he throws up a shot as he's falling. it dounss bounces in. 5.8 seconds left off the inbounds. edwards gives it up to wright who is feeling it. boom! nails it. 22 points for wright including that buzzer beater. what a thriller. 67-64. they knock off the spiders. >> george washington hosting vmi and the environmental with big ears santa has eyes and ears everywhere we're told. gw beating the press. the hoop for the dunk. 8-6, colonial lead. still first half. armwood down low for a powerful
6:27 pm
two of his 18 points. rally in the second. the drive. vmi led by as many as three. but here comes gw strong down low to dwayne smith. gw 5-6 on the year with a 67-67 win over vmi. the redskins have arrived safely in philadelphia getting ready for a fierce physical nfc east game tomorrow against the eagles. for the record, mike shanahan is not a fan of trash talking on the field. but that ball spin thing is legal. so he's given the green light to spin away tomorrow despite an errant penalty call on the celebration move last week. >> i love what he does. he's so into the game. when he spun that ball, i mean he was just looking at that ball. of course, he got a penalty. it was a mistake. he shouldn't have gotten a penalty. i like the enthusiasm. but there is a fine line between enthusiasm and taunting.
6:28 pm
so you have to play within the rules. so, you know, you got to be yourself whoever you are. you can taunt the ball as long as the ball doesn't talk back, you're all right. >> were you trash talking the ball? >> i might have been trash talking the ball. there is a lot going on. i can't say exact words. i forget, too. it's in the heat of the moment. it's a good time just celebrating and being happy that, you know, making plays. >> hoping to make some big plays tomorrow against the eagles. >> he's excited. >> yeah. >> says he doesn't script that. >> okay. >> we're scripting this.
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